Google unveils AI enhancements to Search and Maps

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Google has once again stepped up their game when it comes to AI. Last week, the tech giant organized a last-minute event in Paris to boast the latest advancements of its Search and Maps products — likely as a response to Microsoft’s integration of OpenAI’s models into its own products.

The event was mainly dedicated to introducing new AI-powered features to Google’s services, such as image and video analysis and more efficient natural language processing. Google also discussed how these technologies are designed to improve user experience, as well as making Search and Maps more efficient and accurate.

Some of the notable features include a new “Smart Reply” function for Google Maps that can suggest replies to conversations when users are communicating with businesses, and an image recognition tool for Google Search, which can automatically detect people, items, places and activities in photos. Additionally, the company announced a new “Document Understanding” service for its Search app, which can help users better understand the context of a query.

These advancements will go a long way in helping Google stay ahead in the AI industry, as Microsoft is quickly becoming a formidable force. Just last month, the Redmond giant announced a new version of its Azure cloud-based computational service which leverages OpenAI’s AI models.

It will be exciting to see how these AI-powered updates to Google’s Search and Maps product will empower both the company and its users, and the potential they can hold beyond just searches and maps. Google’s AI-related investments go to show that the tech giant is continuously striving to explore new ways to make technology even more powerful and efficient.






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