Google unveils AI enhancements to Search and Maps

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Recently, Google held an event in Paris to reveal some significant upgrades to the company’s Search and Maps products through its use of AI. Google’s presentation came on the heels of Microsoft’s corresponding event from the day before in which it introduced new OpenAI models to its own software.

Google’s AI-equipped Search and Maps offer multiple new features including improved voice search features and enhanced natural language processing capabilities. Voice searches now include more intelligent responses and the accuracy rate of the search engine has gone from 60-70 per cent to now over 90 per cent accuracy. The natural language processing capabilities associated with the new AI-equipped Search and Maps allow the user to just type in simple instructions and the right actions will follow.

Google boasts that their AI-enhanced Search and Maps, now enable users to speak their locations, check ratings on restaurants, as well as find info on nearby stores. Furthermore, the updated software also boasts an improved bridge between Search and Maps. When using Search, users can now just click the Maps icon and be taken directly to the maps home page.

Google’s announcement further strengthens its position as a leader in AI- enhanced software and technology. With this latest development, the company appears to be on the cutting edge of technology and the way forward for AI-related products.






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