Google Sheets als Datenbank oder Tiny CMS


Basically, you can use Google Sheets (or Excel Sheets) as a database or tiny CMS and access the data from any website or application. It means that you can make the copy or content of an entire website or application editable to other humans or machines. For example, you can provide your customers with a solution to maintain, edit or update the content on their websites themselves. It should be also interesting for data scientists who want to present their research, work and data live on the web.


Since tabletop.js is dead and not compatible with the current Google API v4 (2021) I had to look for a new solution or alternative to export data from Google Sheets via JSON and import it to a web page.
In this case the holy grail is Papa Parse. Additionally, I’m using isotope.js to add a fancy quick search and a “filter by category” option. For hipsters, I can even offer a solution in vue.js


Here is a working Demo on Codepen.
And the code published on Github.

Here is a code example with vue.js
And the search and filter by category stuff with vue.js

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