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We’re all familiar with the internet’s propensity for breaking convention – or inconvenient laws, if you prefer.
The latest example? The 3D printer producing an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty.

That’s right – a group of enterprising French hackers associated with the famed Fablab Marseille have managed to use a 3D printer to create a replica of the iconic New York monument, and shared their feat proudly on the internet.

The impressive feat was achieved by the group in just two months, with the group drawing on their skills in CAD manipulation to successfuly recreate the statue to the exact specifications. The team even managed to get the famous “torch of liberty” right, displaying their 3D printing prowess.

What’s more, the replica is much lighter and more cost effective than a traditional version of the statue, weighing in only a couple of kilograms and using less than 60 euros worth of materials in the process. The printed version was even given an official blessing by the city of Marseille – clearly they know a good thing when they see it!

The success of this replica should inspire more people worldwide to experiment with 3D printing, and why not? It doesn’t take a Statue of Liberty-level challenge to have fun with 3D printing and get creative results. Who knows what could be the next great invention made possible thanks to 3D printing and the brave hackers who dared to go against convention to create something truly unique?






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