Google announces Bard A.I. in response to ChatGPT .

It seems like Google is now seriously getting into the chatbot game. The tech giant recently announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) platform called “BAR AI” that’s designed to respond to chatbot queries.

This move makes sense, as businesses across all industries are now recognizing the value of chatbots and are increasingly incorporating them into their customer service and support strategies. By introducing this AI platform, Google is hoping to make it easier for companies to add chatbot capabilities to their services.

The BAR AI platform is based on Google’s open source robotic operating system (ROS), which is capable of powering autonomous vehicles, drones, and other robots. Google claims that the platform will be able to handle a variety of tasks, including natural language processing and computer vision, allowing it to process complex commands from customers.

With this new platform, companies will be able to deploy a powerful AI-powered chatbot without needing to rely on expensive coding and development. Google says the platform will eventually be able to work with other Google products, too, such as Google Home and Google Assistant.

From the looks of it, Google is getting serious about its chatbot ambitions. The BAR AI platform could make it easier for businesses to bring AI-driven chatbots to their customers, allowing them to provide better customer service and support. It remains to be seen if the platform will be a success, but at the very least, it shows that Google is determined to stay ahead of the game.






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