Goldman Sachs is using ChatGPT.

For years people have sought to ease the painstaking process of writing code. In a bid to move the industry forward, engineers at Google have been experimenting with bots that communicate like humans to help software developers write code faster.

The project, dubbed “Goldman Sachs Experiments with Chat GCP Like AI to Help Devs Write Code”, involves using virtual assistants to answer coding-related questions. The chats are powered by GCP (Google Cloud Platform) which users can access to ask questions and receive answers.

The bots are precisely programmed to understand the context of coding queries and offer possible solutions. While machines are not yet at the level of human intelligence, the bots can provide quick answers to basic queries that would otherwise take a software developer a significant amount of time and effort to solve.

The automatons are also invaluable when it comes to debugging code and helping to identify faults. With Google’s AI-powered chatbot, software developers can get real-time, personalized answers to complex coding questions.

This is just the beginning for chat GCP as more companies are sure to join the fun and create their own bots. It’s an exciting time for software developers and hopefully will revolutionize the way code is written.






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