GitHub CEO: The EU ‘will define how the world regulates AI’

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GitHub is a software development platform that has become an indispensable tool for many developers around the world. Recently, the company’s CEO, Thomas Dohmke, addressed the EU Open Source Policy Summit in Brussels, discussing the need to ensure that the bloc’s upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act is fair to developers and the open-source community.

During his presentation, Dohmke expressed his views on the AI Act, insisting that it will have a major impact on how the world regulates AI in the future. He also stated that it is important to ensure that this act is equitable for developers and the open-source community. Dohmke emphasized that the AI Act must lay down clear guidelines and rules to protect developers’ rights and ensure that the AI development space remains open to anyone.

Dohmke is from Berlin and has previously spoken on the importance of open-source software. He also noted that with the development of AI, the need for open-source tools is more important than ever. By creating a fair AI Act and enabling open communication, the EU could help pioneers of AI to innovate without fear of repercussions from the law.

It’s clear that the AI Act could have a major impact on the development of AI globally and, therefore, the wider tech ecosystem. As such, it is vital that the act is carefully crafted to ensure that developers and open-source communities are not restricted or hindered in their potential to create great products. The future of AI relies on it.






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