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Hoo boy, you know something’s got to be big news if even Google News is talking about it.

It turns out a certain ‘Stranger Things’ fan has just had their dreams come true – literally!

The fan created a post on asking Netflix to add a ‘space-time portal’ to the show, and after only 48 hours of campaigning, it became the fastest-growing entertainment petition in’s history.

In the petition, the fan wrote: “Our goal is to convince Netflix and the Duffer brothers to add to the show a proper space-time portal scene. This would provide a fitting and satisfying conclusion to the Stranger Things saga. We may not be able to visit the Upside Down, but we can make something equally as cool and exciting happen.”

It would appear that the fan’s wish has been granted, as the post from Netflix soon followed indicating the company had heard the public’s demands and would be adding the fan-requested scene to the show.

It just goes to show that when the fans unite, even the mightiest of forces – like Netflix – have no choice but to take note.

So there you have it – one fan’s dream has turned into reality. Now, it’s time for us all to find a Demogorgon and make ours come true.






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