First AI.

The future of legal services may have arrived and is rather shocking. A robot lawyer—in the form of an artificially-intelligent app—has been granted the world’s first legal authority to provide legal advice.

That’s right, a robot lawyer that can provide expert-level legal advice without ever having to pay a lawyer’s fee. It’s called the “Artificial Intelligence Lawyer” and it comes from a UK legal tech company named LawVu.

The app is designed to provide expert-level advice on any legal question you may have. It analyzes your query and then provides links to legal documents that can help you understand the issue and provide guidance on how to proceed. It also can suggest the best course of action and provide links to relevant legal advice bodies or websites. The app is designed to simulate a real-world lawyer’s office, with users being able to send documents and queries to the robot to get help.

It’s an incredibly groundbreaking development in the world of legal services, and one that’s sure to be welcomed by those who are unable to afford traditional legal advice. How much longer will it be until the robot lawyers move from being a helpful aid to becoming a full-fledged replacement for human lawyers? Only time will tell.






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