EXPLAINER: What is ChatGPT and why are schools blocking it?

In recent years, advances in artificial intelligence have presented new and exciting possibilities to make tedious and difficult tasks easier than ever before. Take, for example, Google’s new artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, now available to the public. It can take complex tasks like producing an essay on the American Civil War and make it as easy as having a conversation.

In essence, ChatGPT works like an intelligent chatbot. Users type in a given topic and the AI will take their input, analyze the information and then use its predictive abilities to produce a persuasive essay in a matter of seconds. In the case of this particular essay, the user might simply type in “American Civil War” and the program will do the rest. ChatGPT will scour the web for relevant sources and then use its sophisticated natural language processing algorithms to both analyze and synthesize that information into an organized and well-written essay.

The possibilities of ChatGPT for educational purposes are staggering. Students no longer have to burn the midnight oil to finish a term paper. In a matter of seconds, they can produce a professional-grade essay without ever having to crack open a textbook. Furthermore, the AI’s predictive capabilities means that its users don’t need to be experts on the subject to write a high-quality essay.

In the era of technological advancement, ChatGPT has opened up exciting opportunities. If you need an essay on the American Civil War or any other topic in a matter of seconds, then ChatGPT is the perfect tool for you.






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