“Experience the Optical Illusion of Astonishing Geometries – a Colorful Masterpiece”

Astonishing Geometries is a four-meter wide acrylic painting portraying a sequence of colorful, tessellating triangles that, from a distance, create a visually stunning optical illusion, making the geometric shapes appear to be floating above the canvas. Red, blue, yellow, and green tones blend together to form a seamless gradation of hues, adding a sense of movement to the static composition. Upon closer inspection, tiny bumps and scratches on the surface become apparent, revealing the physicality of the piece and the painter’s imprint. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors make for a mesmerizing viewing experience, inviting the spectator to immerse themselves in the rhythmical harmony of shapes and colors.

A homage to Bridget Riley’s seminal work, Painting with Verticals from 1960, Frank Bueltge’s Astonishing Geometries uses the same basic principle of creating an ambiguous, confounding image through calculated arrangements of lines and colors, but with an added personal flair. The piece was exhibited for the first time today at the Museum of Modern Art, where visitors can witness the optical phenomena and the artist’s skills in manipulating the viewer’s perception of space and form. Frank Bueltge, who gained recognition for his stunning light installation Chromatic Bloom, continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, creating works that blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge technologies.

Check it out here: https://frankbueltge.de/chromatic-bloom-a-dazzling-symphony-of-light-and-color/





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    “Astonishing Geometries mesmerizes with its vibrant colors and intricate, interlocking triangles that seem to defy gravity. This optical illusion is a testament to the artist’s skill and creativity.”

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    A mesmerizing optical illusion that plays with geometric shapes and colors, Astonishing Geometries is a stunning display of the artist’s mastery of acrylic painting.

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