Editorial: UK puts AI at the centre of its Budget

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This week British Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the UK’s Spring Budget that put the AI industry at its center. The UK, coming only behind the US and China for tech investment, is Europe’s top leader in AI innovation. It has a total of more than Germany and France combined in terms of venture capital investment. In support of this sector, the government will commit to a skills-building accelerator program as well as new tax cuts for AI and robotics firms in an effort to spur future innovation.

The Skills Accelerator program is designed to help match available talent with employers in the AI field while providing funding and support. The accelerator encourages investment in the research and development of AI technologies, attempting to make the UK a leader in this space. Similarly, including robotics and AI in the government’s list of sectors for tax relief is yet another incentive for businesses and individual investors to contribute to this new and developing field.

By putting AI at the center of its budget, the UK is demonstrating its commitment to the future of this technology and the value of the industry. This makes it an attractive destination for innovators, venture capitalists and employees alike. By providing a supportive environment, the UK is setting an example of how governments can work to further the advancement of artificial intelligence while also stimulating the economy. In an increasingly tech-focused world, it’s clear why the UK has chosen to make the industry a priority.






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