CNN reporter calls his parents using AI voice. Watch what happens next .

When the world of technology collides with the world of fakery, the end result may be a little odd.

Recently, Donald Osullivan – an Irish tech entrepreneur – set the internet on fire with his call to arms: to use deepfake audio packages to create an AI clone of himself. His chosen tool of choice? A package called “MOM” — but not the mom you may be thinking of.

MOM stands for “Machine Learning-Generated Audio Package” and it is a package that has been designed to create audio clones of people. Osullivan has decided to use this technology to clone himself – and to use a deepfake audio package to do so.

The package he is using is called “AI MO” and it is composed of an AI ML algorithm and a deepfake audio packet – a piece of software that can be integrated into applications for voice cloning purposes.

The end result? An AI version of Osullivan who will be able to talk, interact, and respond – in other words, cloning himself.

But how does it all work? According to Osullivan, it’s really quite simple. After feeding the package with audio files of himself talking, the AI MO package uses its machine learning algorithm to create an AI clone of Osullivan that can talk just like him.

Osullivan hopes that his experiment will lead to ways of using deepfake audio packages to create AI versions of people that can interact with us and help us in a variety of tasks.

Whether or not Osullivan’s experiment is successful remains to be seen, but this certainly isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of “MOM” and its deepfake audio packages.






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