Cheaters Hacked an AI Bot—and Beat the ‘Rocket League’ Elite

As any player of the beloved vehicular soccer game knows, there is a big difference between casual and expert players. While both enjoy the game, the more experienced gamers have more experience and skill which gives them an overall advantage over their more casual opponents. Recently however, expert players have been caught off guard by some lesser players who have employed the help of a superhuman bot built on cutting-edge machine learning.

This superhuman bot leverages all of the latest technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence to give the players access to superior techniques of advanced gameplay. This could mean better decision making on the pitch, improved reaction times, and more accurate shooting accuracy. It gives the lesser players an edge that they wouldn’t otherwise have, and has created an unfair and unbalanced playing field.

This has been noticed by the community and is creating some uproar. Some players feel that with this outside help the experience for hardcore and regular players doesn’t feel fair. There is a fear that if this trend continues, and more players start to use these superhuman bots then it could lead to a decline in players and popularity as the experience loses its appeal.

We’re still in the early stages of this use of superhuman bots, but it’s something that needs to be monitored and regulated if we don’t want to see a decline in the game’s popularity. It’s possible that in the future there will be an official ruling put in place to help maintain a fairer environment for all players in the vehicular soccer game.






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