ChatGPT started a new kind of AI race — and made text boxes cool again .

What do chatbots, race boxes, and text boxes all have in common?

Well, if you guessed that they’re all part of a new game from The Verge, then you’d be correct.

The Verge have just released their latest game, ChatGPD: Board Binge and Race, which combines chatbot technology with text box bingo to create a truly unique gaming experience.

Players begin the game by creating a chatbot, which they can customize with various characteristics. The chatbot then moves around the board, picking up questions from text boxes in order to practice their skills.

Depending on how well the chatbot does, the player will earn gold coins that can be used to trade for power-ups like speed boosts and bonus answers.

Once the chatbot collects enough questions, they’re ready to take part in a race against other chatbots on the board. The first chatbot to complete the race and answer their questions correctly is announced the winner.

ChatGPD: Board Binge and Race is sure to provide hours of entertainment as players test out their chatbot skills and compete against one another. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your chatbot on the board today!






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