ChatGPT started a new kind of AI race — and made text boxes cool again .

We have all seen it in movies and on sitcoms: a scene where two individuals have a passionate, yet hilarious, debate over the rules of a classic game. The truth is, it doesn’t just happen in movies and sitcoms – even your chatbot can partake in the banter!

That’s right. A team of researchers from the Technical University of Berlin recently showed how a chatbot can be trained to engage in a board game race. The bot, named ChatGPD, was able to play a fun game of race against a human opponent while engaging in a friendly banter.

The game was a simplified version of the classic game, snail racing, and is meant to be entertaining and light-hearted. ChatGPD was trained by the researchers to join the game quickly and understand its rules. The game also included a “text box” that asks the users to enter their guesses of the winning snail.

Although the game was far from being an A.I. breakthrough, it did suggest a few interesting possibilities. For one, it showed that chatbots can be programmed to engage in fun and playful banter. Moreover, it showed that chatbots can be trained to understand complicated game rules and even indulge in some competitive spirit.

This research is certainly a fun reminder of how chatbots can be incorpoated into our lives – even if it’s just to bring some laughter and joy with a friendly race on a digital board game. Who knows? Maybe someday, your chatbot will be the one hosting the next game night at your house!






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