ChatGPT Has Been Sucked Into India’s Culture Wars

The recent emergence of chatbots in India has been a cause of both discussion and controversy. Recently, a chatbot called Rajiv rattled feathers and created an online uproar when Hindu nationalists accused it of insulting their deities. This situation has caused discord within the Hindu community, while also highlighting some of the potential drawbacks of relying on A.I. technology.

The chatbot in question is built by a company called Niki. Rajiv is programmed to respond to customer queries and make online purchases. However, many Hindus have taken offense to the responses generated by Rajiv, with particular outrage directed at the chatbot for its alleged comments on Hindu deities.

The backlash from the Hindu community has been severe. Prominent religious leaders have begun calling for a boycott of the company. Meanwhile, users on the internet have taken to social media to share their outrage. The hashtag #BoycottNiki began trending on Twitter, as people derided the company for their lack of sensitivity towards Hinduism.

Niki has taken steps to address the controversy, apologizing for the offense Rajiv caused and suspending the project temporarily. They have also publically stated that the chatbot was not intended to provoke this type of reaction, and that they do not condone views which are offended to Hindu beliefs.

Overall, this situation serves as a warning that more care and attention needs to be paid when in comes to technology like chatbots. In this case, the chatbot inadvertently gave offensive responses, prompting a social media outcry and damaging the company’s reputation. While chatbots and A.I. technology have a lot of potential, this episode emphasizes the importance of making sure that applications are programmed in an ethical and respectful manner.






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