Bill Gates calls AI ‘quite revolutionary’ – but is less sure about the metaverse

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Microsoft co-founder and technology titan Bill Gates recently made waves with his announcement on Reddit’s annual AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. He weighed in on two of the biggest buzzwords in tech today: artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse. Despite both being hot topics, Gates’ verdict was that while the metaverse is lukewarm, AI is “quite revolutionary”.

Gates has long been known as a proponent of AI. Speaking on the AMA, he praised the technology’s progress and potential, calling it a “big deal”. He believes it will help improve many industries by computing large data sets and making a variety of services more efficient. AI has already been used to diagnose cancer and automate manufacturing processes, and Gates believes these advances will continue to grow.

When it came to the metaverse, the billionaire tech tycoon wasn’t as bullish. The metaverse is a new virtual world, made up of social and gaming platforms like Fortnite, which Gates believes could be an enjoyable space, though he sees its potential as limited. He also questions whether there is enough of an incentive for people to join the metaverse.

It’s no surprise that Bill Gates is testifying for AI’s potential. With his Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s AI Institute, the duo have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the AI-for-good cause. And considering AI’s proven successes, it’s not a stretch to call it “quite revolutionary”.






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