AWS and Hugging Face expand partnership to make AI more accessible

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hugging Face have announced an expanded collaboration to accelerate the training and deployment of models for generative AI applications. Hugging Face has as its mission the need ‘to democratise good machine learning, one commit at a time.’

The partnership between AWS and Hugging Face will take things a lot further and make AI more accessible to a wide range of customers. Hugging Face is best known for its Transformers library for PyTorch, TensorFlow and other popular frameworks. Working together, AWS and Hugging Face plan to make it easier to develop, train and deploy ML models.

Products such as the Amazon SageMaker studio and the SageMaker Autopilot feature can be used to develop machine learning models, but they are not always the most user-friendly. With the help of Hugging Face’s library, AWS can offer customers a more automated and streamlined experience.

The expanded collaboration between AWS and Hugging Face is a major step forward in helping developers get the most out of their deep learning models. With Hugging Face’s help, developers will have an easier time training their models and deploying them into production. There is no doubt that this partnership will make a big difference in the future of AI development.






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