Artificial intelligence to help prevent illegal construction

With technology advancing rapidly, it is no surprise that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as drones, are being used more and more for a variety of purposes. What once was the domain of professional filmmakers has now become something accessible to the masses.

Recently, researchers from the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania have taken that drone technology to a new level. They have developed a system to use UAVs to detect changes in building façades against a crowded city background. With their system, they’re able to pinpoint alterations to specific elements of a building such as windows, doors, or walls, saving time and money that would be otherwise spent on manual inspections.

This is only one of the many ways drones can be utilized to great effect, especially when performing tasks which require pinpoint accuracy. From identifying and counting wildlife to monitoring crop health and exploring tight spaces which are otherwise inaccessible, drones have become the ‘go-to’ device for these types of jobs.

What’s more, drones are more affordable than ever due to the large range of models and sizes available on the market. This allows everyday individuals to get a taste of the drone lifestyle, be it for recreation purposes or for gathering scientific data.

Overall, the emergence of drones has been a positive development for mankind. Between their increased affordability and the new ways in which they can be utilized, drones have quickly become a powerful tool and a source of inspiration for both professionals and casual users.






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