Apple shies from the spotlight with staff-only AI summit

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Apple is shying away from the spotlight and taking a different approach when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) research. Recently, tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Baidu have all made public announcements about their progress on the AI front. Apple, however, held their own AI summit earlier this month, but notably, it was an exclusive event for their staff members only.

In keeping with its historically secretive approach, Apple’s AI summit was a discreet event. It was held in the company’s headquarters in Cupertino and the theme of the summit was “Innovation, Privacy and Ethics.” Apple invited some of their top innovators and AI experts, and the keynote speaker was Apple VP of Machine Learning and AI, John Giannandrea.

By having a staff-only AI summit, Apple is signaling its commitment to privacy, rather than making public claims about its progress or engaging in a race to develop the “most advanced” AI. Instead, Apple is focusing on developing AI responsibly and ethically, in line with its approach to all their products and services.

The reason why Apple has chosen to remain out of the spotlight when it comes to AI is because the company values privacy and practicality over publicity. Apple has a track record of slowly innovating and releasing products that work well and remain secure, rather than rushing them out to the public and trying to keep up with their competitors.

So, while other tech companies and giants may be competing to be the first with AI advances, Apple is more focused on developing technology responsibly and ethically. Apple’s staff-only summit is a sign of their commitment to this approach and speaks to their belief that privacy and innovation can go hand in hand.






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