An AI tutor who teaches foreign language reading

The use of artificial intelligence has been increasing rapidly over the last few years, with experts exploring new ways of using AI to make our lives easier. Education is no exception to this, and the development of AI-based language teaching is certainly one of the most exciting advancements in recent times.

In particular, South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has created a reading comprehension education AI technology that allows users to learn foreign languages in a more conversational and interactive way. The AI tutor helps users learn listening, speaking, and reading skills by talking to it.

This technology is expected to have a great impact on the spread of AI-based language education services. AI-based language education services can be used to supplement existing language learning methods such as textbooks and learning websites, while also providing users with an easier and more engaging way to learn languages.

For example, AI-powered language tutors can adjust the difficulty level of the learning material depending on the student’s language level and can provide customized, real-time feedback and advice. This makes it easier for the learners to track their progress, understand better concepts, and apply their learning effectively. Moreover, the AI tutor can also provide personalized, entertaining experiences through voice interaction, making the learning process more engaging for students.

Overall, the development of this AI-based language education technology by the ETRI is a great step forward for language learning. It is expected to bring many benefits for language learners, and it will be interesting to see how it will shape the language education landscape in the future.






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