An AI Told Me I Had Cancer

Recently, one of my friends told me they had begun to notice that their medical records have been accessed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Naturally, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to find out why.

AI has been increasing its presence in the medical field over the past decade. This is due in part to its ability to quickly carry out tasks that would not be able to be completed as quickly and accurately by humans. AI is increasingly being used to look through medical records for very specific diagnoses. This can range from diagnosing skin conditions to helping detect and diagnose mental health disorders.

AI takes the data from medical records and feeds it into a machine learning algorithm. This algorithm is essentially a complex computer program that uses the data to process and build models trained to recognize patterns. Based on these patterns, AI can then make recommendations, detect illnesses, and provide analyses that can help with diagnosis.

The AI will look through the medical records to assess the patient’s past medical history, current symptoms, and other possible factors. This can help determine what medical treatments the patient should receive and the best course of action for that particular patient. In some cases, the AI can even provide more detailed analysis and insights than a human doctor can.

In conclusion, AI is a valuable tool for medical professionals. It can assess medical records much more quickly and accurately than a human doctor can, allowing for more detailed analysis, more accurate diagnoses, and more personalized treatments. It is revolutionizing the medical field and helping to improve healthcare for all.






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