Alarmed by A.I. Chatbots, Universities Start Revamping How They Teach .

Talk to me, baby: Why universities are turning to Chatbots for Artificial Intelligence-driven Student Engagement

Electric and autonomous cars, robotic vacuum cleaners and machine-learning algorithms all spice up our daily lives. But what about AI-driven engagement within university settings? With the rise in remote studies, universities are increasingly turning to chatbot technology to aid their students.

A chatbot, otherwise known as a chatterbot, is a computer algorithm designed to simulate a conversation with human users. By using AI technology, chatbots can respond to students’ questions quickly and accurately by using pre-programmed responses or natural language processing.

This advancement in technology isn’t just used for convenience’s sake—universities have seen an improvement in their student engagement and satisfaction when they have implemented chatbot technology. According to a study conducted by Unbabel, a leading language platform provider, by integrating chatbot solutions, universities saw a 24% increase in student engagement, an 8% increase in admission applications, and a 19% reduction in response times.

The use of artificial intelligence-driven chatbots has its advantages. With the right algorithms, university chatbots can also help to ensure a positive learning experience by tailoring responses to the user. In addition, they can be used to provide timely and relevant information, especially to international students. Such chatbots can even remind students to complete tasks or submit assignments.

So, the verdict? Chatbot technology may just be the answer to university’s needs. With the capability to deliver near-instant responses, chatbots offer universities a tool that would otherwise be costly and resource-draining. After all, a world with AI-driven student engagement can lead to remarkable changes. Who knows- maybe one day, we’ll be able to talk to our chatbot professor in real-time!






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