AI professionals seek job flexibility and stability over exciting perks

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As a technology with a global impact, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of today’s most in-demand fields. AI professionals are taking their pick of the best offers, and a recent study by BenchSci has delved into the factors that they prioritise when seeking a new job.

Unlike jobs which dangle exciting perks and other enticing benefits, AI professionals are instead seeking flexibility and stability over all else. In spite of recent high-profile layoffs in the field, the ongoing talent shortage means that organisations are now having to create unique offers to entice professionals.

The results revealed by the BenchSci study revealed that 59% of AI professionals prioritise job flexibility, whilst 39% prefer stability in their new role. This speaks volumes about the future of the industry, with it likely that flexible working arrangements will become increasingly commonplace.

This flexibility could also be seen as a viable way of helping employers to hold onto their talent. AI professionals, who often work in highly-specialised areas, can become invaluable to a company. With this in mind, employers are now starting to develop work policies that not only benefit the workload of their AI professionals, but also give them an improved work life balance.

Organisations looking to attract, or retain, the best AI professionals should take special note of these findings. Flexible working arrangements and greater stability in the job may yet prove the key to attracting, or even retaining, the right talent.

Ultimately, the current job climate means that AI professionals have the pick of the bunch when it comes to job offers, and they are taking opportunities to ensure they have stability, flexibility, and work life balance. This means that organisations need to think carefully about how they can provide the satisfactory conditions and terms to ensure they remain attractive.






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