AI makes plagiarism harder to detect, argue academics – in paper written by chatbot .

Technology has taken a giant leap! Machine learning algorithms, developed by AI startup, have now been able to detect the presence of argumentative essays in essays written by students on the given topic.

It is amazing that the algorithms can recognize and assess the argumentative elements in a given paper. For example, the AI can identify if a given essay comes with a strong or weak argument, even if the essay is written using natural language. AI can take into account a variety of factors such as the use of evidence and rhetorical devices as well as logic and structure while making a judgement.

This application of AI has a huge potential and can be used in educational technology. It could be used to improve grading accuracy by accurately detecting the presence of argumentative essays written by the student. Additionally, the AI can be used to provide feedback to the student to help them hone their argumentative writing skills.

AI, when combined with traditional educational methods and systems, can significantly improve the assessment and evaluation processes. AI can help in identifying and detecting errors as well as providing guidance to the students to craft top notch essays. Such possibility opens up a huge potential for educators and for students who can now learn and develop with greater accuracy and precision.






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