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Recently, a curious event happened in France. A thief surveying a local market in the city of Lille dropped a bag of money and ran off without it.

The incident was caught on camera by the market’s security system which showed a hooded figure walking past a shop and deliberately letting go of a bag while quickly turning away and running off.

However, this theft actually turned out to be a stroke of luck for the person that was obviously supposed to be robbed as the bag contained 5,000 euros!

Local police noticed the attempted robbery and sent an officer to pick up the bag. They have not yet identified the thief nor managed to locate him.

The ‘lucky’ person who the bag was supposedly meant for has yet to be found, but the police have made a public plea, asking them to come forward.

It remains to be seen who the rightful owner of the bag is and if the thief will ever be identified. In any case, it certainly is a strange robber that leaves behind a bag full of money!






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