A Wharton professor gave A.I. tools 30 minutes to work on a business project. The results were ‘superhuman’ .

When it comes to AI tools, you can’t beat what Wharton Professors have put together. Last week, they announced the results of their 30 minute business project to create a superhuman using ‘open-chat-GPC’ – and you’re not going to want to miss it.

It’s no secret that AI has taken over the corporate world – from customer-service bots to automated marketing campaigns. Until now, however, AI technology has struggled to complete complex business projects – which often require problem-solving, creative processes and decision making before reaching their desired results.

But with the help of the Wharton Professors, this all changed. They used their knowledge, expertise and open-chat-GPC (a tool for managing discussion and decisions made by AI) to create a superhuman who was ready to tackle complex business decisions.

The results? Unbelievable! It’s amazing what the Wharton Professors have created in such a short span of time. They were able to collect data, generate scenarios and make decisions on real-time scenarios. And the best part? This superhuman is available to everyone, anytime!

So, if you’ve been longing for the ability to complete complex business projects in half the time, Wharton Professors have the answer. Their open-chat-GPC is already revolutionizing the way we view AI technology, and these results test just how much further we can take it. Who knows what superhuman things will be possible as AI advances?






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