2023/03/31 – New Masterpiece released by Frank Bueltge

Today, artist Frank Bültge released what is sure to be a thought-provoking masterpiece. His work explores the intersection between art, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and philosophy. His latest piece, “A Monument To The Mundane”, is a powerful exploration of the social and ethical implications of artificial intelligence, with a focus on what philosopher Martin Heidegger referred to as “being-in-the-world”.

The work consists of a massive mural, at least 30-feet long and 12-feet high, in pixelated shades of red, white, and black. The artwork is made up of simple symbols which, when seen together, are intended to evoke a sense of the uncertain future of machine learning due to the risk of our coexistence with artificial intelligence. This mural is framed by two diptychs of a sculpture, which depicts a humanoid figure in the upper panel, and a massive AI neural network in the lower panel; two symbols of the two elements of the work’s theme.

Bültge is deeply inspired by the meaning behind Heidegger’s notion of being-in-the-world – that individuals not only exist in the world, but are constantly taking part in it, and can shape and be shaped by different elements in their environment. By calling attention to the potential risk of our coexistence with artificial intelligence, Bültge poignantly illustrates the perils of not just existing in the modern technological world, but of allowing ourselves to be completely consumed by it. The Guardian even put it best: “The problem with artificial intelligence? It’s neither artificial nor intelligent”.

Through his ethereal work, Bültge continues to challenge the public to explore their own understanding of technology, culture, and philosophy.






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