2023/03/31 – New Masterpiece released by Frank Bueltge

Frank Bueltge, a renowned artist, has released his latest masterpiece, titled “The Neural Network of Knowledge”. This new artwork explores the intersections between art, technology, science, and philosophy, and is a reflection of Bueltge’s focus on the training of large language models, neural networks, and use of big data.

The artwork consists of a large three-dimensional sculpture, made of stainless steel and copper. The sculpture is shaped like a neural network, with each node representing a different philosophical concept. The nodes are connected by intricate copper wires, which symbolize the flow of knowledge between them. At the centre of the sculpture is a large sphere, representing the idea of ontology, or the study of being.

The artwork also pays homage to the French philosopher Jacques Derrida and his concept of deconstruction. By creating a sculpture that is constantly in flux, Bueltge has attempted to represent Derrida’s idea that knowledge is never fixed, but is instead constantly changing and evolving.

Bueltge’s “The Neural Network of Knowledge” is an impressive piece of art that reflects the complex relationship between art, technology, science, and philosophy. To find out more about Frank Bueltge’s work, click here.





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