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  • He tracked every hour of his life for 5 years

    A Reddit user named tsweezy meticulously tracked every hour of his life for a period of five years. Maybe some estimation or after-the-fact recording was involved, but the sheer number of days and hours tracked is impressive.

  • The 8 best JavaScript data visualization libraries 2023

    JavaScript is a powerful language for creating interactive, data-driven web applications. One of the key ways developers can bring data to life is through data visualization, and there are a wide variety of libraries available to help with this task. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at eight of the best JavaScript data…

  • Best Data Visualization Projects of 2022

    What makes writing more readable? Hub and Spoke How America Lost One Million People Pie Graphs of Dogs Why Arctic fires are releasing more carbon than ever Play mini golf to see how politicians tilt elections using maps You may have hearing loss and not know it. Here’s what it sounds like Absurd Trolley Problems…